Looking for a Career change?

I can help you land a job you deserve.

I’ve spent my career hiring talent for Careem, Tajawal and smaller startups across MENA region.

So far, I’ve reviewed more than 10,000 CVs & profiles, and what frustrates me the most is seeing 95% of talented people not making it to the interview stage. 

Job hunting is a difficult process and could be quite competitive, I agree, but are you doing your best to be noticed by recruiters? And no, applying for a job and wishing for the best doesn’t count (that’s what everyone is doing). 

So, how would I help you?

My years of experience using recruitment tools, reviewing thousands of profiles and hiring great candidates helped me build a bulletproof  job search framework that we’ll follow when working on your case. 

I’m not a “guru”, if you don’t know what you want, I can’t really help.

My recommendations are tailored towards your career objective, so if you have a clear goal in mind, this is what you’ll get out of my consultation.

Build a credible profile

Revamp your LinkedIn profile & CV to create a unique story highlighting your strengths and differentiators.

Rank much, MUCH higher!

Leverage LinkedIn and optimize your profile to always rank on top of recruiters searches and in job applications.

Let the system work for you, forever!

See how recruiters find talent using LinkedIn Recruiter tool, and get passively approached throughout your career.

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You will be charged only if you wish to proceed after having our complimentary intro call.

LinkedIn & CV Optimization


70% of jobs are not published! If you are serious about your job search, this package has the best value for money and is fully catered towards your goals.

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Most frequent questions and answers

I can’t guarantee it since getting a job depends on many factors, including market demand & your interview performance vs your competition. 

However, I can guarantee that if you follow my recommendations, your profile will be optimized and appealing to employers and rank on top of relevant recruiters’ searches and & job applications.

No I can’t. I work with you as your career consultant and provide you with very specific recommendations, feedback & templates so you can write it yourself. I am not a copywriter so I can’t write on your behalf.

Even though it’s much easier for me, I don’t, because your CV alone wouldn’t maximize your chances of landing a job. However, an appealing and optimized LinkedIn profile along with a strong CV would.

No, I don’t, but you are welcome to follow me on LinkedIn  and check out my Blog where I share tips & announce free webinars and events.

Sorry but please don’t send me your CV. Let’s connect on LinkedIn instead, so when I am hiring for a position that suits you, I’ll find you there & reach out.

Unfortunately, I can’t. I can only deliver effective results when you have a clear career objective in mind.

No, I can’t. Recruiters get paid by employers for placing the right talent, and it is also illegal in the UAE to charge candidates for placing them into jobs.

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