Get approached by recruiters throughout your career

As long as:

   1. You have a clear goal

  2. There is a market for your target role

  3. You follow my recommendations

About me:

👋 I’m Daria,

A Career coach, Recruiter & Angel Investor.

I’ve been in recruitment for 8+ years, starting in-house before founding my talent agency, Growth Levers, and hired with my team 450+ professionals for tech companies & VCs in MENA.

When not recruiting, I coach professionals from all over the world and help them land their dream jobs.

And, when not working, I like to travel with family and friends. So far, I’ve visited 40+ countries, and lived in 5.

My work in numbers

Companies hired for
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Some of the companies I've hired for

How I help

My framework leverages everything I’ve learned over 8 years of headhunting 450+ professionals, hiring for 60+ companies, reviewing and interviewing thousands of candidates (good and bad), and using the most popular recruitment and headhunting tools.


Refine Your Career Goal

We start with a market research exercise to validate your career objectives including ideal roles, target locations and companies.


Understand How Hiring Works

Learn why getting headhunted beats applying for jobs, and why and why your profile isn’t showing up in recruiter’s searches.


Build An Optimized Profile

Revamp your LinkedIn profile & CV to create a compelling story highlighting your strengths so you’re seen as a top candidate.


Network Effectively

Learn how to connect, who to connect with, and who to drop to stay on top of recruiters’ searches and on the minds of hiring managers.


Rank much higher

As you go through the exercise, I’ll show you how you ranked in recruiters’ searches before and after implementing my recommendations.


Get Approached Regularly

You’ll keep on getting approached by recruiters. As your career goals change, you can always fine-tune your strategy using what you learned.


My consultation includes taking you through each step of the method above, a comprehensive profile review with personalized recommendations, and finally a check in to make sure you’ve nailed the exercise.


Pricing is based on your experience level:

– Starter: 1 to 4 years: $250

– Professional: 4 to 8 years: $400

– Senior: 8 to 15 years: $600

– Executive: 15+ years: $800

Book an intro session

Please fill the required details below and I will get in touch to schedule our complimentary intro call.


Most frequent questions and answers

You should allocate in total around 5-8 hrs.

  • Our first online session takes 1.5-2 hrs.
  • Then you need to do your part based on my recommendations (2 to 4 hrs exercise).
  • After that, allocate another 1-2 hrs for a follow up call & a few feedback rounds.


I can’t guarantee it since getting a job depends on many factors, including market demand & your interview performance vs your competition. 

However, I can guarantee that if you follow my recommendations, your profile will be optimized and appealing to employers and rank on top of relevant recruiters’ searches and & job applications.

No I can’t. I work with you as your career consultant and provide you with very specific recommendations, feedback & templates so you can write it yourself. I am not a copywriter so I can’t write on your behalf.

Even though it’s much easier for me, I don’t, because your CV alone wouldn’t maximize your chances of landing a job. However, an appealing and optimized LinkedIn profile along with a strong CV would.

No, I don’t, but you are welcome to follow me on LinkedIn where I share tips & announce free webinars and events.

Sorry but please don’t send me your CV. Let’s connect on LinkedIn instead, so when I am hiring for a position that suits you, I’ll find you there & reach out.

Unfortunately, I can’t. I can only deliver effective results when you have a clear career objective in mind.

No, I can’t. Recruiters get paid by employers for placing the right talent, and it is also illegal in the UAE to charge candidates for placing them into jobs.

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