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How NOT to message a recruiter on LinkedIn

If you are looking for a job, I always encourage you to be proactive, connect and reach out to recruiters in your target field. 

But sometimes, I get messages from job seekers like the one below:

  • Let’s see what went wrong with this approach to help you avoid these mistakes and have recruiters more likely to respond to you
  1. First, the title of the message “Any Suitable position” demonstrates two things: 1) This candidate doesn’t know what he wants 2) He will be ok with anything. Both are not good signs for a potential candidate.
  2. Second, this person is asking a recruiter to inform them if there are any positions fitting their profile. Let’s be realistic here: Recruiters review around 500 applications and speak on average to 10 candidates a day. As a recruiter, I don’t have time to go check your profile and see which positions can be suitable for you, plus, this candidate didn’t even state what exactly he/she is looking for.
  3. “Currently I work as X , here in country Y”. This information doesn’t add any value because I can see your current position and location from your LinkedIn profile.
  4. Finally, this candidate includes the link to his LinkedIn profile at the end of the message, which also doesn’t add any value because I can easily get it within a click.

What can we learn from it?

When reaching out to a recruiter: 

  1. Do your research on the recruiter you are approaching: Does he / she recruit in your field? Just because a recruiter works in your target company, don’t automatically assume they are handling the roles that you are targeting.
  2. Know what you want! Include a specific job title that you are targeting.
  3. Do your homework: before contacting a recruiter, check the company’s website for the open roles, and also figure out what positions this recruiter hires for. Never expect a recruiter to do your homework.
  4. Be concise & straight to the point!
  5. Don’t attach (or randomly “spray”) your CV unless:

           – a recruiter asks for it

           –  you know for a fact that he / she is currently recruiting for your target role

      6. Always be polite, patient, and thank in advance.

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