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How to build a Linkedin network that actually helps your job search

Did you know that your chances of landing a job highly depends on the quality (not quantity) of your LinkedIn network?💡 Here’s why:

When recruiters are searching for candidates on LinkedIn, your search ranking (where you appear in the results) depends on several factors including relevant keywords, job titles, and others…

But also based on how closely you are connected to the person searching!🔗

What does it mean to you as a job-seeker?
It means that you need to proactively grow your LinkedIn network and connect with:

✅ Recruiters in your industry, who might be looking for you
✅ Peers working in your target companies & locations
✅ Hiring Managers working in your target companies and locations

Not only will this help you become more relevant and rank higher in the recruiters’ searches, but also will make your LinkedIn feed more relevant – you will start seeing job posts, insights and updates from your target companies.

The same applies to reaching out to recruiters – adding them to your network with a personalized connection request will be more effective than just in-mailing them (that’s what’s every LinkedIn Premium member is doing).

Is your current LinkedIn network relevant or did you think about it this way?

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